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The Four Easy Steps to Joint Assembly 

For all AMPCO pipe and fittings, the flange-to-flange inner pipe joints are identical for each pipe inside diameter.

Temperature of gases carried in the system determines the proper sealant used.*

As shown in the adjoining illustration and photos, assembly is accomplished in four easy steps, using only standard tools.

*See Grease Duct, Boiler Stack, or Engine Exhaust instructions for correct sealant usage.

Step 2: Position Inner VB below flange of pipe or fitting.

Step 2 Joint Assembly




Step 4: Position Outer Channel Band around outer casing. Align with pipe grooves and tighten.

Step 4 Joint Assembly

Step 1: Fill Inner Vee Band (VB) with proper sealant. 

Step 1 Joint Assembly

Step 3: Mate flanges of two pipes. Position Inner VB over both flanges and tighten.

Step 3 Joint Assembly