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Multi-Appliance All-In-One Ventilation System

AMPCO’s industry leading and patented all-in-one ventilation duct.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates need for separate fire-rated shaft wall construction and field fabricated ductwork
  • Eliminates fire dampers
  • Zero clearance to combustibles with compact footprint maximizes valuable room space
  • UL/ULC classified 2-hour fire rating
  • Stainless cylindrical construction for superior strength
  • Factory-built consistent high quality and durability
  • 5”-36” diameter ID to fit wide range of applications
  • Low material and labor costs
  • Modular design is simple and quick to install
  • Available for one or more integral subducts
  • Reduces multiple trades and inspections to only one
  • Array of system components available
  • Engineering and technical support for system design
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Typical Application

  • Multi-Appliance (ideal for clothes dryers, bathroom fans and domestic range hoods)
  • Multi-Story Tennant Buildings