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AG30/AG18 — 30" Adjustable Pipe, 18" Adjustable Pipe

AG30/AG18 — 30" Adjustable Pipe, 18" Adjustable Pipe


Performance Data (63 KB, PDF)
  • Fills odd dimensions and compensates for expansion between two fixed points on low pressure applications.
  • Materials Available : 304/ALZ, 316/ALZ, 304/304, 316/316

Ordered Part Includes:

Pipe, plus one 30" or 18" inner Slip Section, one TSU, one Packing Seal, one two-piece Compression Band, one two-piece Containment Ring, one two-piece Outer Jacket, and one VB. Fiber insulation provided for IVSI models.


  • Minimum installed length is 4".
  • AG 18 not available for 28" diameter and above.
  • Maximum installed space is when the inner slip section protrudes at least 1/2 pipe diameter into the adjacent pipe.
  • Flow Resistance Factor (K) is the same as insulated pipe lengths.