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TC/TCN — Drain Tee CAP


Performance Data (63 KB, PDF)
  • The Drain Tee Cap provides a drain at the base of a vertical chimney when connected to the MT or J.
  • Materials Available: 304/ALZ, 316/ALZ, 304/304, 316/316

Ordered Part Includes:

  • TC, plus one 1" N.P.T. Nipple (5"-20" sizes), or 2" N.P.T. Nipple (22"-48" sizes), one Inner Section, one Outer Jacket, and one VB.Fiber insulation provided for IVSI models.
  • TCN, plus one Inner Section (with handle), one Outer Jacket (with handle) and one VB. Fiber Insulation provided for IVSI Models.
  • Fiber insulation provided for IVSI-Z3/IVSI-Z4 models